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Ask any inhabitant of the earth, every cockroach knows about this website. One of the most popular websites in the world. Memes, news, discussions and just soulful talks. Since we are active users of this resource, we just could not pass by and not make a neon sign for them. With all respect to the creators of the forum and active users. After examining the reddit logo, we started making a sketch. We made the following drawing.

After making the drawing, we immediately started to create the sign. Then we went to the studio to take some cool pictures. Since the neon sign was made on Christmas holidays, we come up with the following idea:

Result of our work

Technical details

This wonderful neon sign we have created for Reddit. Thank you for reading this case.

Technical details for Reddit neon sign:

    ● Font - Arial
    ● Size - Lenght 28" Width 12"
    ● Colour - White & Orange
    ● Flicker Control - Nothing
    ● Backing board - Clear Acrylic
    ● The type of backing board - Cut to rectangle
    ● Installation - Holes in the backing board
    ● Power wire length - 59"
    ● Production time - 5 days
    ● Cost - 283.99$

You can order the exact same neon sign or modify it to your taste.
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