Neon sign The Mexinese Family

The Mexinese Family - This is a great Texas couple who has their own channel on YouTube. At the time of publication their channel has more then 64.000 subscribers. They film reviews and reactions to BTS. Yes, yes, a review of the very Korean guys who still rock the music charts. After these guys turned to us and we discussed their wishes for the neon sign, we immediately began to develop a sketch:

When we received a request from The Mexinese Family we were happy but at the same time surprised, because they liked a neon sign with a length of 54"! That is above the average. We do not often receive orders like this, because usually such a sizes are using by companies. These guys wanted to decorate their home and we could not refuse their wish. Mexinese Family are happy with their new neon sign. You can watch their reaction on their YouTube channel. Let's Subscribe them and Like their videos. Here is the result:

Result of our work

Technical details

This wonderful neon sign we have created for The Mexinese Family. Thank you for reading this case.

Technical details for The Mexinese Family neon sign:

    ● Font - Lovelo
    ● Size - Lenght 54" Width 9"
    ● Colour - White
    ● Flicker Control - Remote control
    ● Backing board - Clear Acrylic
    ● The type of backing board - Cut to rectangle
    ● Installation - Chain
    ● Power wire length - 59"
    ● Production time - 5 days
    ● Cost - 429.99$

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