Neon Sign itsKristiii

Kristi is a very cute girl who has her own channel on YouTube. At the time of publication, her channel has more then 234.000 subscribers. On her channel you can find the unboxing of various slimes, which has already won the hearts of many. When we received a request from Kristi, we immediately began to develop a sketch:

She wanted us to make a neon sign out of her name. In detail analysing the wishes and listening to them, we developed such a wonderful neon sign. Kristi is happy with her new neon sign. You can watch her reaction on her YouTube channel. Let's Subscribe to Kristi and Like her videos. Here is the result:

Result of our work

Technical details

This wonderful neon sign we have created for itsKristiii. Thank you for reading this case.

Technical details for The itsKristiii neon sign:

    ● Font - Vintage
    ● Size - Lenght 24" Width 8"
    ● Colour - Purple
    ● Flicker Control - Remote control
    ● Backing board - Clear Acrylic
    ● The type of backing board - Cut to shape
    ● Installation - Chain
    ● Power wire length - 59"
    ● Production time - 5 days
    ● Cost - 289.99$

You can order the exact same neon sign or modify it to your taste.
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