Why should I buy the NeonMafia neon sign ?

All of our LED neon signs are handmade of LED neon lamps, safe for children, economical and eco-friendly! Some good reasons to choose an LED neon sign from us:

● Affordable prices - We guarantee the best price on the market! We can beat any prices. Show us the offer of a competitor and we
will destroy it in an instant!

● Warranty for 12 months. A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty is provided for all of our neon signs, covering defective items (indoor use only).

● Durability - we offer the latest neon flexible technology that is stronger and lighter than glass neon.

● Energy Efficiency - Our neon signs are very economical. They have low power consumption and a service life of more than 50,000 hours.

● Safety - our neon signs are made of flexible neon, safe for children and nature. This is free of glass and mercury in comparison to the traditional neon and our flexible neon does not heat up, so it’s safe to touch.

● Easy installation - all of our neon signs are supplied with pre-drilled holes and hanging elements for wall mounting.

● Low maintenance - our custom neon signs are very durable and easy to clean.

● Unique Design - We can create anything! From a banal neon sign to complex design solutions, logos, drawings and more.

● Light control - we can make remote controls with an on/off switch and several brightness options. Also, using a remote control you can change the speed of the neon sign flickering.

How much do NeonMafia neon signs cost ?

All prices are calculated individually, it all depends on customer requirements for layout size and other points.  We guarantee the best price on the market and any offers from competitors will be destroyed by us. Just contact us.

How does the payment for a neon sign go on ?

After we approve the sketch of the product, you pay 100% prepayment. We start creating and shooting the neon sign at all stages of work. Any changes into the process are available upon your request. To read more about payment methods you may here.

What is the term of shipping ?

The term for the production of signs are 5-7 days from the date of approval of the order between the customer and the manager. Once your custom neon sign has been manufactured and carefully packaged, it will be sent to you. To read more about shipping methods you may here.

What is your return policy ?

If any elements are found to be defective or there are problems with the neon sign, we will pay for return shipping and will correct defects. In other cases, neon signs are not refundable. To read more about return policy you may here.

Do you provide the product warranties ?

Our neon signs include a 1-year warranty that applies to electrical components when used properly. The resolution of faulty neon sign age will depend on the source of the fault and will be determined between us and the buyer. NeonMafia will correct, replace or refund the item. To read more about product warranties you may here.

Frequently asked questions about the NeonMafia products and manufacturing

What are NeonMafia neon signs made of ?

Our neon signs are made of high quality flexible neon, which is very different from the traditional neon made of glass. The advantages of Flexible Neon:

● The cover is made of flexible rubber tube, not a glass containing mercury in the traditional neon. Your home and nature are protected.

● Energy saving and low voltage. It works from 100V, though its voltage is only 12V.

● Low cost.

● Durable and easy to operate, no special care and mounting required.

● Flexible for complex design solutions.

● Service life over 50.000 hours.

What is the difference between our neon signs and signs of traditional neon ?

Traditional neon is made of glass and gaseous discharge. If such a neon sign breaks at home, everything will be in glass. Mercury is added to the glass for a better colors glow. What if there are children or pets at home ? Moreover, if this product goes to landfill, the nature won’t thank you as well. Thus, our neon sign are made of flexible neon that consists of a flexible rubber tube, safe for both your home and the environment. In comparison to traditional glass neon signs, our neon signs are energy-saving, do not require much energy and do not heat up, so it’s safe to touch them even after a long working time. Our neon signs are UL certified.

What is the manufacture process of NeonMafia neon signs ?

Our neon signs are handmade according to your approved design using the flexible neon based on acrylic or wood plastic.

How does the neon flexible tube attach ?

There are three possible kinds of materials we can use for the backing board:

● Clear Acrylic - lightweight, durable material with a high level of light transmission. It won’t break in comparison with the usual glass. The following backing board is transparent, which thereby opens the neon signs 100% saturation. We can add on the acrylic backing the UV-printing.

● Milk Acrylic – milk-colored and not transparent as clear acrylic.

● Wood plastic – The backing board can be made of high quality wood plastic. We carefully select and process it so that the product remains reliable. It also can be colored whatever you like to.

What color can I choose ?

Our neon signs can consist of either one color or mixed at once. They are bright and spectacular:

● Red
● Blue
● Pink
● Yellow
● White
● Green
● White Lemon
● White Blue
● Orange
● Sky Blue
● Purple

Which font can I choose ?

We offer a large assortment of 44 of the most popular and often ordered fonts from us. If you could not find a preferred font on our website, just note your preferred font in the comments on the order. We will certainly implement it for you!

How do I hang up/fix my neon sign on the wall ?

We prepare the necessary fastening - it can be of several types: Holes in the backing board, rope or chain:

● The holes in the backing board – Used to hang a neon sign on nails or screws. Usually, few ones are enough, so we put them in your neon sign kit. Such holes look harmoniously in the backing board and do not attract attention.

● The rope - elastic, comfortable and firmly attached to the edges of the neon sign. The diameter of the rope is 0,24 inch. We set its length according to your requirements, which you can specify in the comments to the order.

● The chain – a rope analog. Fits great when installed as an additional decoration of the space. We use a decorative chain with round links. We set its length according to your requirements, which you can specify in the comments to the order.

Are the neon signs powered by batteries or should be plugged in ?

Our neon signs are powered by an electrical outlet. Neon signs come with a power supply. The wire length is 59". We can make a wire length from 4". You also have the opportunity to order a remote control to remotely turn on and off your favorite neon sign.

Can a neon sign change the brightness or perform interesting kind of flickering ?

Yes, we have a dimmer and remote control that offers a number of brightness settings, on&off option and flicker modes, which make your neon sign blinking, flickering and pulsating. We recommend to purchase a remote control or dimmer since they can reduce the neon brightness, that is helpful for exposure when shooting photos or video with a neon sign.

May I use the neon sign at the street ?

Our neon signs are home-type, but perfect for outdoor use at events, parties, etc. With a provision that it remains dry. Our neon signs are not waterproof and cannot be exposed during the wet weather.

I want an unordinary neon sign. The only inscription doesn’t suit me. Can I order a custom design ?

Our Constructor is perfect for creating verbal neon signs, names, quotes and more. If you want to implement a more complex idea, for example, a logo or a character, then we will be happy to work on your future neon sign’s design together. Just put all the needed information in "Individual design". Almost any font, shape, style and design are possible to realize - turn your vision into a neon masterpiece!

How the backing board can be cut ?

We offer two options:
Cut to rectangle - When the backing board is cut to rectangle.
Cut to shape - When the backing board is cut along the contour of the neon sign.

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